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Company Culture

2015-11-24 17:36:18From:WiotView:1

Company Vision:become the operator and service provider with leading position for the city industrial construction.

Company Core Values:continue to create value for the city and clients.

Elucidation:We, and all of our clients and partners, create a symbiosesis industrial community with proactive and sustainability together, so that better industrial ecosystem, development platform and growth space could be built for the city, as well as contribute to the city upgrading and industry development. 

Co-existence and co-prosperity: Respect for the value and use of each role in the industrial ecological environment; Willing to promote the development and progress of each other by digging and creating value; Believe helping the customers to be successful is helping ourselves. 

Honest and Professional: Honesty is the foundation of winning the trust and respect from the clients; What professional present is quality of the work and dimension of the work standard. It is the comprehensive reflection of professional quality and target height of the company.

Open and Collaboration: Keep an open mind, high alertness and absorption ability, continue to integrate elements and resources, in order to establish cooperated institution to provide attractive services and experience to clients. Form the high viscosity industrial symbiosesis community system. 

Innovation and entrepreneurship: Expand the market demand and provide innovative services with entrepreneurial thought.; Keep strong power of self growth and self value creation; Gathering wisdom and energy from all the people, fulfill the target with perseverance and finally reach win-win.

Organization, Management and Advocation

Establish a business oriented organizational system, promote and implement the operation mode of the project team, encourage interagency collaboration and resources integration so that high performance team with crossover ability could be created. 

Establish a target and performance oriented management system. Break down the work effective and department and staff start the work according to the target conscientious. Promote the fulfillment of the target and performance by combining with evalsuation.

Establish value system of knowledge and capability, guiding the staff to promote and implement their vocational skill and business capability. Promote company value and department value by promoting staff’s value.

Code of Conduct 

Three have:

1.Have passion: Chasing the dream by keeping the entrepreneurial mindset and considering challenge as opportunity.

2.Have capability: to adapt the development and changes of the business by studying automatically and improving continuous.

3.Have responsibility: take responsibility for the project performance and benefit automatically. 

Three No:

1.No sluggish: target oriented, quick-acting charge and promote actively. 

2.No repulsion: cooperation oriented, cooperate and collaborate actively.

3.No complain: positive energy oriented, difficult and problems is the normalcy of doing business, the most important is finding out the solution successfully. 

High-tension cable:

Behavior of damaging the interests and reputation of company, like Extorted, collude internal and external, is absolutely not permitted. This is the high-tension cable of company and cannot be touched.