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On Perovskites Produced by Mechanochemistry

2018-07-23 14:04:55From:物联天下Author:WIOT View:1


On Perovskites Produced by Mechanochemistry


There is no doubt: the immediate future of photovoltaics will be decided by materials from the perovskite group. An improved version of a perovskite, containing in the crystal structure a relatively large organic ion, a guanidinium cation, has been developed by chemists from Poland. Laboratory tests  have shown that photovoltaic cells made of the new perovskite work more efficiently than the cells prepared using its original form.

Perovskites, substances that perfectly absord light, are the future of solar energy.

The opportunity for their rapid dissemination has just increased thanks to a cheap and environmentally safe method of production of these materials, developed by chemists from Warsaw, Poland. Rather than in solutions at ahigh temperature, perovskites can now be synthesized by solid-state mechanochemical processes: by grinding powsers.