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Group Introduction

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Established in September 2010, WIOT Technology Group Co., Ltd. is the investor, developer, operator of industrial agglomeration of new emerging industries and comprehensive service platforms.

Adopting the innovative development mode of “government support, enterprise orientation, government-enterprise linkage”, WIOT bears the mission of establishing and operating “Guangdong Industrial Base of IOT Application”. As the key project of “Sino-European Urbanization Cooperation Demonstration Zone” of China and EU as well as national-level “Smart Park” pilot project, the Application Base is planned to cover an area of over 1.5 million m2 and will be under integrating planning and phased development.

The Base is intended to introduce over 200 sized enterprises, and 500-800 growth enterprises. The incubator retains over 150 startups with growth potential. Hopefully, the output value scale of relevant industries will reach 80-100 billion RMB.

The “IOT Industry Park Demonstration Zone” which is under operation by WIOT has an investment of 270 million RMB, covering a construction area of 30,000 m2. Inaugurated on February 16, 2012, the Demonstration Zone has already had about 100 international and domestic tenant enterprises and organizations at present.

Adhering to the construction concept of theme industrial park of promoting industrial agglomeration and development through constructing urban “Mutuality Enterprise District (MED)”, the “Smart Plaza” will be the first leading low-carbon and smart theme industrial park demonstration project invested by WIOT. With the planning investment of 3.4 billion RMB, the total construction area of the first phase of 340,000 m2 and the second phase of 320,000 m2, the project is a composite industrial complex that combines intelligent office buildings, international apartments, business districts, comprehensive service platforms and convention centers, etc. After the construction, it will provide top-quality online and offline and low carbon and efficient converged services for tenant enterprises, merchants, clients and personnel of the park.

Based on the theme of “IOT” information industry agglomeration, the project mainly focuses on five major application directions such as IOT application, intelligent manufacturing, smart city, ecological environmental protection and internet service, which will become the first ”IOT Information Panorama Application Experience Community”, providing users and citizens with marvelous experience of “technology changes life” and “technology changes future”.

WIOT has been devoted to integrating global high-quality resources and elements, making full use of platform advantages and searching for high-quality strategic partners on a global scale.

In 2011, WIOT signed strategic cooperation agreements with international and domestic industry magnates and top scientific research institutions including IBM, Samsung SDS, CAS, Peking University and iSoftstone.

In 2012, the first IOT Exhibition Hall in China came into service in WIOT. In the same year, WIOT jointly held the first Forum of Incubator Economy & Youth Innovation and Enterpreneuship in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou with the Central Committee of the Communist Young League and Beihang University.

In May 2013, WIOT successfully signed the Cooperation Agreement of MIC Co-construction in Guangdong with Microsoft in the Guangdong Provincial Government.

In September 2013, WIOT was elected as the rotating chairman unit of Guangdong IOT Industry Alliance. In October 2013, WIOT became the vice president unit of the National IOT Industrial Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance.

In June 2014, the Industrial Park of WIOT was approved as the seed unit of the National Level Technology Enterprise Incubator.

In 2014, WIOT signed agreements with several international institutions including Evopro, Tesco and Toll Service, and Hungarian government organizations such as Hungarian National Trading House and National Innovation Office of Hungary. WIOT is planning to invest in and construct the “Hungarian Center” project and cooperate with more countries including Germany, Czechoslovakia and Austria, with the purpose of building a bridge for comprehensive Sino-European exchanges and cooperation.

With one mode, the development of one industry could be promoted!

With one industry, the future of one city could be changed!

Through aggregating high end resources including technology, capital, talent, policy and market at home and abroad, and cooperating with governments and professional institutions in both China and Europe, WIOT builds a market platform of new industry cluster and an “attraction center”, in this case a huge industry cluster, finance and service cluster as well as a market of high-tech product and technology transaction come into being. To create a better ecological environment for the development of emerging industry, and to provide higher quality services for the industry by integrating industrial chain, service chain, capital chain, market and social resources, WIOT will create larger value for both enterprises and society with cooperation partners from beginning to the end!